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Women Across Divides

Women Across Divides brought together 43 women- Caribbeans, Africans, Latinas, Indians and others to build relationships among themselves, provide supports to each other, develop active leadership among themselves; and generally helped them to participate more fully in community life.

with supports from the President and Board of CWN, the women organized themselves as follows:

  • 6 Discussion Circles were held each one led by a different Member of the Group to plan activities; reflect and and analyze issues; discuss their successes; and to informally discuss personal conflicts and issues as well as providing tips on themes such as “Caring for Ourselves” and Tips on Healthy Eating.” Over 120 hours were spent in these discussion circles.

• Provided caring, supports, friendship to our “sister” Aki who fell ill to Cancer during the period of the Project. The women organized and prepare care packages of food; bought household supplies for her, spent time visiting her and keeping her company; did a small bit of fund-raising for her and organized a prayer session with her. The situation helped the group of women to bond further and create lasting friendships among women.

• Organized and delivered six workshops on the following themes:

How Money Works;Tips on Saving; investments etc.; Race and Gender Discrimination;

March 22, 2008 Katherine Flowers Mari Sasano 15 50

Cancer Screening; How the City Works; Aboriginal Culture an Introduction; mmigrant Dec. 6, 2008 Donna Coombs Montrose Ismaellie Hyppolite 11 40

• Participated as volunteers in 4 activities outside of their immediate communities:

United Way’s Great Human Race ; City of Edmonton’s Community Tree Planting; CARIWEST Santa’s Anonymous -Helping to Wrap presents.

• Participated 3 Meet the Politicians Meetings:

With Councillor Kim Krushell; With M.L.A. Laurie Blakeman; With M.L.A. Thomas Lukaczuk

At these Meetings, women were given the opportunity to listen to the politicians and ask questions in the meetings as well as one-on-one. A tour of City hall was also done including a visit to Council Chambers but a presentation was not made.

• Organized and implemented two craft nights and two cooking Sessions:

Made note cards with the Project’s adopted logo and sold to friends and supporters to aid in the fundraising for Aki. Also two cooking sessions on Making chapattis and Trinidadian Sweetbread were held.

• Other Gatherings: Summer Barbecue at Hawrelak Park, the Formal Opening of the Caribbean Women Centre and the Boxing Day Get-Together at the End of the Project.

Outcomes of the project included

• Collaboration, linkages and networking established among participating groups and women to enable further dialogue among ourselves

• Practical demonstration by a group of women in supporting a peer and also enhanced relationships among the women from the various Caribbean countries and among non Caribbean women participants

• Increased opportunity for the Caribbean Women Network (CWN) to participate in consultations and meetings with Government.

• Increased capacity of Caribbean Women Network to deliver a community action program based on the model developed and used in this project.

• Increased involvement of visible minority women in programming with gendered and inclusivity objectives.

• Improved organizational capacity to be self-accountable in addressing issues in the community

• Better understanding of how the city works among women participants and increased awareness of government structures and systems

• A more active happier group of women involved in aspects of their city’s life during the year.

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