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Worker B's Project

Worker B’s Project was a small-scale project in response to the many reported barriers to employment that immigrant and refugee women face when they arrive in their new country. It provided learning workshops, work placements and volunteer opportunities for newcomer women who received a stipend for their participation.

Worker BS - Two groups of ten women each commited to 3 months of mentoring/in-house and on the job training, as well as volunteering. The program was meant to provide newcomer minority women with the opportunity to gain Canadian experience, become better acquaimnted with Canadian culture and workplace know-how; as well as interacting and engaging with community.

The  women became motivated to begin their work lives here in Alberta. They gained capacity in job search related skills and increased their job performance skills. Upon completion of the program seven participants became gainfully employed and three participants went back to school.  This means that about 37% of the participants were successful in obtaining employment through their volunteer and work placement programs and 53% of the women had a plan in place before even completing the program.

One participant mentioned, “Before I afraid to look for work now know how to do it,” and another “I am now confident to look for work and talk.”

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