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Illustrated Waves

Our Mission

Our mission is to help build a strong well-blended community in Edmonton by delivering high-quality social issues projects; helping women and seniors become informed about matters that impact them; and encouraging social and learning interactions that bring enjoyment to people of diverse backgrounds in a warm and hospitable environment.

We Value:

  • The principles of fair treatment equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Ongoing learning and development

  • Relationship building

  • Enjoyment

CWN runs a small Centre, a place that’s “like home”, suggestive of the warmth and generosity of Caribbean folks. This small Centre represents the aspirations and interests of its members, the broader Caribbean community, their family, and their friends. It serves as a place for us to develop and grow our identity within the larger multicultural fabric, where we can live in that betwixt and between worlds of being Trinidadians, Grenadians, Guyanese, or Kittiitians, while simultaneously incorporating changes that make us proud Canadians. It is from this Centre, we produce a Carnival Band for Cariwest, organize mas camps or workshops that bring back experiences of “home”; host an annual Christmas Parang; read at least one book by a Caribbean author per year in our book club; and include Caribbean cooking in our Cooking and Culture Series.


Above left: Community members gather at CWN's community room for Meet the Councilors day. Above right: Community members pose with a cultural display at a Cooking and Culture event at CWN.

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