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Our Programs & Activities

 The diverse programs of CWN support women and families by providing learning and recreational opportunities for women, their families and their friends. They help us to meet our objective of bringing community together to connect with each other through working, learning and enjoyment. 

Regular Programs

Women Matters

Women Matters covers the work CWN does to mark Celebratory days and issues affecting women. International Women's Day (IWD), Mother's Day, Person's Day, Women's History Month and Women Abuse Prevention Month are the occasions CWN uses to honor the important roles women and mothers play in our in our society. They also give us opportunities to draw attention to the injustices in Canada and across the world, as they pertain to women in general with focus on newcomer and minority women.  Some activities developed  under this program are only for women while others are mixed gender events which allow for men, women and children  to connect, learn and act.

Community Learning

Quarterly Workshops on women/immigrant/ racism issues. The Workshops and events provide information and awareness of current issues facing women and immigrants; increase participants' knowledge and appreciation of the history of the women's movement in Alberta.

​Cultural Encounters

The Cultural Encounters Program brings people of different cultures to experience a flavour of Caribbean other cultures. It includes:

-Production of a Mas Band  for participation in CARIWEST 

Christmas Parang - Annual event that at which we sing and dance Caribbean Christmas songs along with a pot-luck

-Cooking and Culture - Community volunteers demonstrate how to make dishes from their own cultures and along with that, we have small exhibits of the place, the people and practices

- Alberta Culture Days- A mix of activities that celebrate the histories and cultures the people of Alberta 

Health and Happiness

This program offers experiences that focus on the physical and mental well-being of participants.

Seniors Recreation Program: Mixed ages and Genders including Seniors and Youth, the program provides a chance for seniors to intermingle with non-seniors, engage in meaningful learning activities that prevent their isolation. It includes the following:

- Book/Theater/Movie Club

- Summer Garden Visits and Picnic 

- Light Yoga and Swim Days

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